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1) "The Energetics of Hugging"tm  (Part 1 & 2)

2) "Energy Secrets of Tantric Touch"tm   (Part 1 & 2)

3) "The Energetics of Tantric Kissing"tm  (Part 1 & 2)

4) "E.Sensual Massage"tm   (level 1, 2 & 3)

5) "Sacred Sensuality Tantric Pujas"

6) "How to Please a Woman or Man From Head to Toe" (with Kika)

7) "The God & Goddess Experience...a Guided Journey into Sensual Ecstasy".

8) "Tantra & Modern Relationships Forum"



1) "Psycho-Energetic Chi Gong" tm

2) Tropical Retreats (Bali...Costa Rica...Philippines)

3) 1-2 day Workshops (Internationally)

4) PRIVATE INSTRUCTION (Southern California)

5) INSTRUCTORS Training (Internationally)


"Chris throws some of the best events in Southern California. He is an absolute master at creating lights, sounds, and a space where people can be uninhibited in their creative expression. We've traveled the world, and never seen anything like the community vibe he manages to create.".....Kamala Devi & Michael McClure......Stars of Showtime’s hit TV series “POLYAMORY: Married & Dating”....Author of “Sacred Sexual Healing” 


(Parts 1 & 2)

Affection…...Love……it’s all about Energy.

It “is” an Energy!

And the Kiss…..such a delicate expression of it.

Experience the totally unique & Awesome......"MYSTERY KISS" well as other creative, sensual kisses in this fun & super popular event in the "Energetics of Sensuality" workshop series!

In this detailed & "FUN" experiential workshop Master Tai Chi & Chi Gong instructor....& "Energy Based Sensuality" creator Chris Luth will take you on a deep exploration of "Kissing" using his unique "Energy Based" approach to Sensuality, Eroticism & Relationships! 

The first word that comes to mind regarding Chris' Energetics of Kissing workshop is Masterful. I would not hesitate to recommend this amazing class. Brilliantly done"....Danny (Capistrano Beach, CA)

"Chris has mastered this skill on a level that transforms it from a purely physical experience into a mind|body|spirit journey......It becomes an exploration of invitingly sensual sensation, playfully innovative technique, and contact trance dance between mouths, choreographed to the harmony of Tantric Presence"....Jen I.....(N.M).


* The...."MYSTERY KISS"....guaranteed to "rock your kissing world!"

* "ENERGY"....understand how to make use of it in Kissing!

* Other experimental & Creative Kissing

* Kissing Hands, Arms, Neck & More!


* Surrender/Devotional Kissing

* Stimulating Sensual Foreplay Kissing

Explore how to express your "Playfulness" well as your "Passion" through your kisses in new and unusual ways.

Come as a couple or alone, either way you will have fun …….and will leave, understanding how to work with the “ENERGY” of the Kiss much more so than when you arrived.

NOTE: Couples may choose to work exclusively with their partner or practice with others in the group. All exercises are by "choice".....and you may watch & take notes at any point.

"Lets face it, EVERYONE thinks they are a good kisser !! But guess what…..I did learn something new about kissing!!! ………..Mike, San Diego

"I put the techniques I learned in your Kissing workshop to use immediately....and....they worked like a charm! More than once! Let's just say I have a big smile on my face. Thanks for the great workshop!".......Anonymous...(but happy!)

I recommend this workshop to anyone interested in developing sensual intelligence......Eric...(Leucadia, Ca.)

As a married & monogamous couple for 10 years, looking for date nights that kick things up is always a challenge. The ingredient's I was seeking that night were all there in your event. Sacred space, open hearted people with fun and sincerity........Monica....(Orange County, Ca.)

(Workshop duration: Level 1 & 2, 3 hrs. each)

NOTE: Part 2 is a "Very Advanced" level Kissing workshop exploring exotic and unusual forms of the beautiful art of Kissing.......far beyond the basics! Therefore completion of part 1 (or the us about this) is a pre-requisite.


Studies show that 70% of communication occurs through “Body Language” …....and touch is certainly the most intimate part of that communication.

Conscious (Tantric) Touch, is touch that first, by creating a sense of safety & ease, allows the receiver to open to you…..and then…..through the use of your energy, being expressed through touch…..... awakens the energy of the receiver.

"I'm addicted to your touch.....don't ever take your hands off of me!"....Natasha W....Yoga Teacher (S. Cal.)


+ Learn to enhance the potency and quality of "energy" extended through touch with special Chi Gong exercises....and begin to develop "Fluency in the language and vocabulary of energy".

+ Receive invaluable...."anonymous" & on how your touch and energy are being experienced by others through a unique specially designed exercise.This exercise will provide you with an 'Energy Based Assessment' of your touch to aid you in your relating, Lovemaking or your work with clients.

+ You will have the opportunity to adjust & "Upgrade" the energetic quality of your touch!

+ Learn to communicate with your partner's (Lover or client) subtle energy systems or "energy body". 

Great communication, Lovemaking and/or long lasting healing occurs on the "energy level", Therefore, like a Tantric Master....acupuncturist.....or energy healer, when you are working with an individual's energy body, you will be most effective if you are "Fluent in the Language of Energy!"


"I just can't recommend Chris' workshops enough, singles and couples can both just can't leave the class without some shift in your being and how your 'energy' really does effect others".....Jeanne LaDeaux......Lifestyle Reporter "Awakening The Bay"...(San Francisco, Ca.)


+ Learn how to use "Energy" to raise the level of sensual arousal.

+ Discover a variety of sensitive Erogenous Zones....and explore touch techniques for stimulating them! 

+ Learn to express Touch in a way that will cause people to "Desire" your Touch!

+ Learn how different types of touch have very different effects on the "energy" of the receiver.

+ Learn how to quiet your mind & be "in the moment" and "fluidly" express sensual touch.........and More!

This is an opportunity to "refine" your ability to share your energy in a sensual & Conscious manner through the vehicle of "Touch".............COME PLAY & GROW with us at this information rich workshop!


"Chris created an atmosphere of safe, heart-centered exploration of touch and his playful guidance made for a delightful experience".....Eric C. (S.Cal.)

"I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in expanding their skills when it comes to this important aspect of our relationships"..................Christian (S.D., Ca.)


** Content is oriented towards both men & women.

** This a "non-sexual....heart centered....touch positive" information rich workshop.

** All exercises are optional & all boundaries will be Lovingly respected.

** Couples may choose to stay together for all exercises if they desire.

(Workshop duration: 3 hrs. each part or 1 day/6.5 hours)


(Level 1 )

Come as a couple or a single & experience this totally unique & NEW energy based sensual massage system .....Where ancient Tantric techniques fluidly blend with awesome modern twists! 

"No-one has ever touched me like this's so amazing!" ....Fiona P.....Relationship Coach


+ A complete series of "original" massage techniques designed for sensual arousal.

 Separate sets of strokes designed for each gender

+ How & where to stimulate energizing nerve lines

+ How to use your "whole body" as a massage tool.

+ Unique techniques for indirect erotic arousal

+ Chi Gong for charging your hands with Chi energy

+ Learn to use "Energy" to raise the level of arousal

+ Techniques for using various sensual stimulation aids

+ How to quiet your "in the moment" and "fluidly" express stimulating sensual touch!


This is the ** ULTIMATE FOREPLAY ** give your partner a "Deeply Sensual & Super Hot" Massage!

"I've studied under & been worked on by the most well know Tantra Teachers in the country....and I have to say that I like the quality of your touch better than any I've experienced!" ......Marianne A.....Tantra Teacher & Sensual Massage Therapist (California)

NOTE: The techniques in Level 1 are deeply sensual & moderately erotic....yet not explicitly sexual.

Developed through decades of combining my studies of a variety of arts.....the "E.sensual Massage" techniques combine elements of:

+ Thai Massage

+ Taoist Erotic Massage

+ Chi Gong & Tai Chi

+ Deep Tissue Massage

+ Japanese Nuru Massage

+ Sensual Energetics

+ Contact-improv/trance dance (while prone)

+ & very unique Sensual Stimulation techniques

These techniques have proven to be powerful & effective sensually/erotically stimulating tools for both men & women.....Learn them and see what happens to your Love life!.....(see testimonials) 


"Do you teach people how to do this? If not, you should be...I want all of the men I know to learn how to do this!"....Cassandra C....Massage Therapist (Az.)

Chris is an exquisite gift to a woman’s body and a leader to men who really desire to learn how to ecstatically and consciously pleasure a woman. In his touch I can feel his years of martial arts mastery and presence. His energy is soft, gentle yet super strong and intuitive.

IX-Chel Sandivel........Nike Model...&...Tantric Guide (Los Angeles)

"Chris' approach to sensual massage brings both partners into a communion of the senses. He adds a beautiful creative element to a Thai massage-like flow that is unique, textural, and artful and builds the energy in a subtle and yet very strong way. I highly recommend this experience!".......Sabine R......Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Acupuncturist (S.Cal.)

NOTE: All techniques will be practiced in a way that respects Personal Boundaries.

(Workshop duration: "Level 1"....2 days)

 "E.SENSUAL MASSAGE" tm (Level 2)...A Mastery Course in "Erotic Anatomy & Tantric Genital Massage"....for Women & Men.... (couples & singles)

Become an "EROTIC STAR" your partner! Learn Absolutely "Rockstar Techniques" for pleasuring a partner...Some rarely before taught!


+ "Awakening The Dragon"

+ The "Stroke of a 1000 Yonis" doesn't get much better than this!

+ "Eternally Entering The Gate"

+ "Stroking the Dragons Tail"...this one will have him???!!!

+ The basics of Prostate stimulation

+ The specific anatomy of "Penis Pleasure"

+ "RITUAL" & Ambiance for Tantric Pleasuring.


+ How to create "Safe Space"...&...RITUAL

+ And much, much more!!!

OMG!!!! That (workshop) was one of the most incredible experiences I have had!!!!.....Kristen.... (San Francisco)


+ "Awakening The Tigress"

+ "The Hummingbird"....make her vibrate & shudder!

+ "Caressing The Tigress"

+ How to locate and stimulate her G-Spot

+ "All Hands On Deck"...stimulate 4 erotic spots simultaneously!!! This will certainly take her to awesome levels of pleasure!

+ The specific anatomy of "Vaginal Pleasure"


+ How to create "Safe Space"...&.. RITUAL

+ And much, much more!!!

"I want every man I know to learn how to do what you just did to me!".....Anonymous


+ Taoist Sexual Massage techniques

+ "6" awesome "BODY POSITIONS" for receiving this massage!

+ A few special massage techniques from E.Sensual Massage "Level 1" designed for erotic arousal.

+ Chi Gong techniques specifically for charging your hands with energy before the massage

"Chris Luth's extensive knowledge in Tai Chi energy, human anatomy and wonderful group skills made this event very informative. I felt very relaxed and at great ease with my partner who was a complete stranger. The environment and structure Chris created let me feel safe, nurtured and cared for. ".......Anonymous female participant (San Francisco)


(Workshop duration: "Level 2" ....2 days)

"E.SENSUAL MASSAGE" tm (Level 3)...A Mastery Course in "Oral Genital Massage"....for Women & Men.... (couples & singles)

(Workshop duration: "Level 3" ....1 day)


Tantra refers to a practice used for expanding consciousness and creating a deeper engagement with the sacredness of all aspects of Life. A Puja is a ritualistic way for honoring the Divine essence of life in each other.

"Your Valentine's Puja....that one changed my life! Thanks again, Chris. You are amazing!".....Roland Villafuerte....(S.D.)

In these evening journeys (during the "white" or "pink" level pujas) we will practice this honoring of each other & expanding of our consciousness, in the form of a circular station puja. We will begin by solidifying our relationship to "self" first....with Chi Gong Energy meditation then move into partnered connecting. As we arrive at each station and greet a new partner, we will share a short 4 to 6 minute exercise that may include....

** Heart connecting

** Eye/soul gazing

** Partnered movement exercises

** Shared dance of "energy"

** Loving sensual touch

** Exercises to stimulate various senses

** And other fun & creative forms of sensually, emotionally & spiritually deepening connection with the divine in another.

The "Red" level pujas like the "God & Goddess Experience"tm (below) are for more adventurous seekers. These events include most of the above from the "white or pink" pujas and add on an extra level of eroticism and intimacy.


"A guided Journey Into Sensual Ecstacy"

This truly ecstatic and transformational event is 100% experiential and very lighthearted & playful!

This unique "Hybrid" event combines the elements of a Tantric workshop with those of an Erotic Party.

Using special decorations and exotic lighting effects, your space will be transformed into a "Temple Of Love"...... where Christophe will gently take you and your fellow explorers on an experiential journey, from heart-centered & sensual Tantric ceremony..... to playful sexy gameland..... to a free-form erotic playground........... guaranteed to have you floating in a sea of blissful, sensually/erotically expressed energy & love!

Note: This is a full evening event (approx. 5 hours) generally held on a Friday or Saturday night. A detailed description and promotional tips are available upon request.

Note: This event is carefully designed so that attendees can choose to participate at the level that feels comfortable to them in each moment. Chris will provide a talk and practice exercises on respecting personal boundaries and will be creating a "safe space" for everyone to play in & expand at their own pace.

(White...&...Pink level Pujas....duration: approx. 3 hrs each. Red level Pujas....duration: approx. 5 hrs)

  "I attended Chris' God/Goddess Experience with my partner.....and we left the event feeling more connected, with a deeper bond than ever before.

He has a remarkable ability to bring together a high quality group of people and create events in which a feeling a safety and acceptance is clearly a top priority.Thank you Chris for all you do."....Destin Gerek (L.A.) creator of "Evolve Live" seminars

HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN OR MAN FROM HEAD TO TOE....with Chris & Brazilian Tanra Master KIKA

Come as a couple or single & experience ancient Tantric techniques (& some fun modern twists!) showing...

HOW....WHEN....& pleasure your Lover from head to toe. Workshop Content: 


+ Learn stimulating "Sensual Massage" techniques

+ Learn how to use "Energy" to raise the level of sensual & erotic arousal

+ Learn new ways to activate sensitive erogenous zones

+ Learn how to take your Lover through a "Multi-Staged Journey" of awesome sensual arousal using a variety of techniques & tools! 


+ Learn Detailed Principles of "Energetic Sensuality"

+ Learn Chi Gong (internal energy) exercises specifically chosen for empowering "sensual touch"

+ Learn how to amplify your sexual energy and expand your orgasm time.


+ Learn how to be present with your partner & amplify your pleasure in giving & receiving

+ Learn how to quiet your "in the moment" and "fluidly" express stimulating sensual touch!

** Bring your Notebook & Pen, a blanket to lie on and an inquisitive mind. 

** All techniques will be practiced in a way that respects Personal Boundaries.


(Workshop duration: 1 or 2 days)


an "energetic" approach to embracing

In these fun, experiential workshops you will make new friends while exploring the “energy dynamics” behind the human connection of Hugging.

Have you ever wondered what creates those rare, “Magical Hugs”…..that seem to come out of nowhere, without warning……where you melt into your partner & time seems to stand still?

Would you like to be able to actually “create” those Magical experiences more often?

What makes someone want to hug you? How can you gracefully decline or shift the energy of a hug? Would you like to learn how to give a “Grounding Hug”? Or a Yogic Full Chakra Energy Hug? We will explore all of this, as well as variety of other types of hugs.

I really enjoyed your hugging workshop and learned a lot. I will be incorporating much into my daily hugs. Thank you so much for your warmth and gentleness.........Kypris Aster Drake

(Workshop duration: part 1 & 2, 3 hrs. each)


Each month our focus will be on a different aspect of these intriguing subjects...such as Communication... Trust.... Security.... Transparency...Etc.. In this monthly gathering we will also explore various subjects from my once a year "Relationship Choice" intensive workshop. We will share a pot-luck dinner and socialize from 7-7:30 and then enjoy a talk...experiential exercises...& group discussion/sharing until 9:15pm. There will be a $10 donation requested at the event. 

** PLEASE COME ENJOY THIS EXPLORATION WITH YOUR the cozy & exotic environment of the Bouncing Buddha House **



RELATIONSHIP COACHING: Whether you are looking to "Upgrade/Enhance" a current relationship....looking for a partner....just dating....or desiring a "Conscious Transition" out of your current relationship....this is an opportunity to bring greater "clarity", Joy and Awareness to your romantic life! 

INTIMACY COACHING: Whether you are confronting sexual stagnation or other physical intimacy issues within your relationship....wanting to address concerns about personal "sexual response"....wanting to learn more about the subtle details of sensually & sexually pleasing your partner (male or female)....or wanting to become a "Master Lover"....This area of coaching may be just right for you & your needs!

Based on decades of teaching "internal energy work" and "Relational Energetics"....Chris uses a unique Energy based approach to understanding and "upgrading" human relationships. 

** Coaching sessions are available in person or by phone. Please inquire to set up a phone interview.




In this workshop you will learn several individual Qi Gong exercises (Ancient Chinese, internal energy, healing exercises) that have very specific psychological/energetic effects on the practitioner. Each of these exercises is then linked as an antidote or balancing tonic to specific types of stressful life situations. These exercises are easy to learn and when used, produce noticeable beneficial results.

(Workshop duration: 3 hrs.)


RETREATS: Week long rejuvenating retreats are conducted at Eco-Resorts in Costa Rica....Bali....Hawaii....Peru...and other exotic locations by internationally renowned Master Tai Chi & Qi Gong instructor Chris Luth. (more Info at )

"Chris has developed Tai Chi in new and interesting directions. I would sincerely recommend his seminars to anyone seeking greater knowledge in this field."......Grand Master Abraham Liu (Chen Huan).....China/Ca.

WORKSHOPS:One and two day workshops are offered covering a broad range of Tai Chi & Chi Gong various cities throughout the world on an ongoing basis. To set up a workshop at your organization or school, please inquire directly by email or phone. [email protected] 1-800-266-5803 or 1-858-461-1804

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: In depth personalized instruction with Master Luth addressing many aspects of Tai Chi & Chi Gong.....are available in Southern California or on the day prior to a workshop in your city.