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  "I attended Chris' God/Goddess Experience with my partner.....and we left the event feeling more connected, with a deeper bond than ever before.

He has a remarkable ability to bring together a high quality group of people and create events in which a feeling a safety and acceptance is clearly a top priority.Thank you Chris for all you do." 

....Destin Gerek.... creator of the "Embodied Man's Path to Sexual Consciousness" 


"Chris throws some of the best events in Southern California. We've traveled the world, and never seen anything like the community vibe he manages to create."

.......KAMALA DEVI (& Michael McClure) Stars of Showtime’s hit TV series “POLYAMORY: Married & Dating”


"I am still a bit speechless and awe struck at the depth of discovery found in both myself and the other attendees at your carefully crafted event......The energetic field you created is so solid, so rare. So authentic." 


Thank you for creating another amazing event!!!! Everyone really brought a wonderful and playful energy. Thanks again!!


"My feedback: ..... Keep it up!!!

Whoa.......... What an experience! Simply put .... deliciously juicy!".


Chris choreographed a seductive sequence of exercises as he led his "God & Goddess Experience" the last two years at our World Polyamory Association Conference at Harbin Hot Springs, Ca......Where a hundred of us connected, laughed, Loved and experienced our oneness with each other and all that is.

....Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Co-Chair, World Polyamory Association.


"The experience for me was one in which I could explore different aspects of myself and my sensuality/sexuality in a safe and secure environment with people whom I trusted and who were present, caring, and conscientious each step of the way."


Thank you so much for one of the best experiences, ever...&...for creating an amazing space to be free. The group energetics were so powerful that I was high all night.


"A house decorated in erotica, beams of flashy lights, enticing colors, a circle of friends emanating juicy love, conscious present communication, sweet sounds of joyful pleasure.......All coming together in a ravishing, passionate, honorable celebration of the masculine & feminine. Now that is a delicious night!"


My wife and I love Chris' God Goddess Party as it invites people in a very nonthreatening and secure fashion to open up to deep sensuality without any expectations or obligations.

General Testimonials

"Chris is an exquisite gift to a woman’s body and a leader to men who really desire to learn how to ecstatically and consciously pleasure a woman. In his touch I can feel his years of martial arts mastery and presence. His energy is soft, gentle yet super strong and intuitive.

 Being adored by Chris is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I felt so safe in my ability to expand more and receive new neural pathways of pleasure. It is an honor to receive from such a masterful pioneer. I look forward to my next session."....Ix-Chel Sandivel ....Nike Model & Tantric Guide (Los Angeles, Ca.)

Dear Chris.........I really enjoyed your "Energetics of Hugging" workshop and I learned a lot. I especially loved what you had to offer about setting boundaries and hugs, and how to do that with gentleness and love. I will be incorporating that into my daily hugs when needed.

Thank you so much for your warmth and gentleness.

Kypris Aster of "Journey to Sexual Wholeness" & Tantra teacher

As a married & monogamous couple for 10 years, looking for date nights that kick things up is always a challenge. The ingredient's I was seeking that night were all there in your Energy of The Kiss workshop. Sacred space, open hearted people with fun and sincerity. Throw in a pound of sensuality.....all honoring everyones boundaries.

Much gratitude for you......and I love that he kisses my hand very sensually.... looking forward to another sharing of time space and connection.

Monica Bartolini......Irvine, Ca.

In the "Energy of The Kiss" workshop, Chris guided us through a series of exercises practicing kissing for showing reverence and appreciation, and for sensual arousal, both as the giver and receiver. The exercises built up gradually helping create a safe and playful space, with participants becoming more comfortable with each other. As a man, I rediscovered how much I enjoy taking the time to kiss a woman in parts of her body that I often neglect, as well as receiving such loving attention from a woman. I recommend this workshop to anyone interested in developing sensual intelligence.

Eric.....Leucadia, Ca. 

I had a great time "practicing"……Besides kissing, it was just fun and playful and a great way to connect with new people. And as always, a very safe and fun environment with respect for all.

....Anonymous, San Diego

 I would recommend the "Energy of The Kiss" playshop to others! It was really fun and was carried out with an innocence to it that was breath taking! Thanks so much!

Tracey Lontos....HHP, Esthetician

San Diego, Ca.

"Energy of The Kiss"..Let's face it, EVERYONE thinks they are a good kisser !! But guess what…..I did learn something new about kissing !!! ………..Mike, San Diego

In the "Art of Conscious Touch" workshop, Chris created an atmosphere of safe, heart-centered exploration of touch. In this short time, we got feedback on how our touch was received by others and practiced some energy work (qi-gong) to charge our hands and experienced how this changed our touch. I learned some valuable information and Chris's playful guidance made for a delightful experience.

Eric......Leucadia, Ca.

I recently attended the "Art of Conscious Touch" playshop. Being my first experience with a workshop like this, I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. It was fun, relaxed and friendly. I learned truly valuable techniques for being aware of how my touch is being experienced by others, but also insight into preconceived notions of what others are expecting from being touched. It was low pressure and well moderated by Chris. By the end everyone was comfortable with each other and a little more knowledgeable. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in expanding their skills when it comes to this important aspect of our relationships.

Christian Shimer.....San Diego, Ca.