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The Energy Based Sensuality system was created to offer educational workshops, retreats and coaching that assist in bringing conscious awareness to the vitally important act of Human connection and touch.

The Tantra & "Energy Based Sensuality"tm System.....contains a series of workshops focusing on an awareness of the "Energetics" of how we relate Sensually & Sexually....helps individuals understand how to create a safe, harmonious, potent & Loving state from which they can connect and share with others more powerfully.

Through working with energy, awareness & detailed, technically rich content....our workshops assist the participants in reaching much deeper states of connection and intimacy.

Workshops are offered in various cities and at conferences throughout North America....and can be conducted for "your" organization or group, in your city by request.

Our immersive Retreats are conducted in the exotic tropical surroundings of Costa Rica, Hawaii & Bali.